Henna Contest

Rules and Regulations of Mehandi / henna contest:

Contestants should create their mehandi / henna individually,not as a team with other henna artists.

.Dates:July 29th, 2pm to 4pm. Venue to be decided.
Location: Front side of Redmond City Hall main building

Should be at the venue at 1.30pm.

Participants should bring their own mehandi cones.

Participants should apply mehandi on the palm as well as the dorsal side of the hand.


Rules and Regulations of Ananda Mela 2017 Rangoli contest:
Rangoli art should not exceed the foam board size of 3 ft x 4 ft
Rangoli competition is from 1pm 3pm on Sunday July 30th.
Your Rangoli art should be completed by 3pm, ready for judging.
Location: Front entrance to the main building of Redmond city hall

Should be at the venue at 12.30pm.
Please bear in mind that your Rangoli art should not offend the viewers and is presentable to viewers of all ages.

Vedic Village Display

Expereince vedic village display

"This year we will have a special exhibit on Ganges, the holy river of India, and Vedic (traditional) village which is fully self-sustaining and environment-friendly. The theme of the Vedic village is ancient wisdom for modern sustainability."

Magic Show

Seattle based magician, Somanko Pal has been dazzling audience with his unique style of magic for more than 15 years now. Somanko’s magical career boasts of an impressive number of accolades which includes performing across the globe including our very own city of magic – Las Vegas!

From Stage Shows for thousands to birthday parties; from Corporate events to Close-up Magic for five people, Somanko’s magic always leaves an indelible mark on his audience.

At Anandamela, Somanko will blow your mind, make you laugh and give you a ‘hard to forget’ magical experience!

Yoga for Transcendental Soul

The word yoga is based on "yuj"(the root of the word) and means "to link with" or "to unite'. To unite the body with nature, that is hatha-yoga. To create unity within the mind and the body, that is pranayama. To create unity with the mind and the soul, that is jnana. To create unity between the soul and God, that is bhakti. That is the complete yoga system—unity.


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Ananda Mela is the largest festival in the Northwest showcasing the diversity of incredible India. It is a FREE outdoor festival held at the Redmond City Hall campus, drawing around 20,000 attendees over a glorious summer weekend.