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Date: Saturday July 29th 2018, Time: 1pm

Location: Front entrance to the main building of Redmond City Hall
Here are the guidelines for cooking contest:

Important: Cooking contest food should not be given to the public.

There are three categories: Appetizer, Entree and Dessert. Please register your name under one of these three categories.

Cook at home preparations must be vegetarian dishes without onion and garlic.
Bring your favorite specialties of regions of India like Punjab, Bengal, Andhra, Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan etc...

The size of a typical restaurant order for one dish. It is appropriate to prepare suitable accompanying items to your dish such as chutneys, dips, sauces, relishes, etc.

Dress up in regional costume and explain the traditional and cultural aspects behind the food. You can describe the recipe, and the special festival or occasion when the item is cooked and served. Feel free to prepare the information in the form of attractive displays.

Please don’t forget to bring appropriate serving spoons, and (at least 6 each of) plates, forks, spoons and paper napkins for the judges.

At the festival:
Please arrive by 12.30 pm at the "Competition Area". Ask volunteers (wearing yellow Ananda Mela T-shirts) if you need help locating the Competition Area.