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Namaste! On July 27th and 28th, Redmond City Hall campus plays host to Ananda Mela: Joyful Festival of India. This beautiful festival is brought you by the Vedic Cultural Center (VCC) of Sammamish, under contract from the City of Redmond. With the guidance of the founder and visionary leader of Ananda Mela, Harry Terhanian, the trend of bigger and better each year continues into 2018 in the festival’s 9th edition.

Ananda Mela aims to showcase the legendary breadth and depth of Indian arts and culture through lovingly crafted displays, authentic replicas, performances on several stages, participatory activities for attendees of all ages and cultures, and numerous other experiences including tasty food from many regions of India and irresistible shopping.

Festival grounds open at 12 noon on July 27th and 28th. Programs on the Ganga Stage and Yamuna Stage feature dances and music by groups as well as individual artists. The  items cover a wide range of classical-, folk- and popular dance and music traditions from different parts of India, and among other things, serve to stage the talents of dedicated teachers and their students of Indian arts in the Seattle area,.

On Saturday, at 6 pm on the Ganga stage, you will be treated to a soulful performance by The Mayapuris, a vibrant group of artists who have circled the globe with their rhythm and song that are energetic and full of spirit. On Sunday (6 pm) at the Ganga stage, you will get a dance workout at a spellbinding performance of ultra-contemporary global music and dance by the ever-popular band Delhi 2 Dublin (D2D) from Vancouver, BC,

Featured during D2D’s concert will be the very popular Aloha Bhangra Dance Contest for audience members! This year we are giving away a rich array of prizes such as gift certificates to restaurants and many other products and artistic experiences. The grand prize is a two-night vacation for two to Hawaii. The second prize is a floor ticket to A.R.Rahman’s concert at the Angel of the Winds arena in Everett on September 7th.

You will love the colorful visual treats and traditional decorations. This year’s special presentation, titled The Perfect Life, shows how the habits of the Vedic times enabled folks to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Other displays portray such themes as ayurveda, natural healing, vegetarian diet, lifestyle, and harmony with nature.

Cooking contest, rangoli contest, henna contest, and a plethora of other participatory and hands-on activities will engage you keenly. Don’t miss delicious food from many regions of India, the tempting shopping, and the bouncies for children! We trust that your experience of this year’s Ananda Mela is pleasant and immersive!

Welcome to Ananda Mela!

Latha Sambamurti

Artistic Director and Director of Outreach & Development, Ananda Mela