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Middle Two Pages Black and White Advt


Middle Two Pages Black and White Advt


Ananda Mela, the cultural festival of India, is organized by the Vedic Cultural Center (VCC) in partnership with the City of Redmond and many Asian Indian-American organizations of the greater Seattle area. The organizers of Ananda Mela welcome sponsorships from interested business as well as individuals. This is a unique opportunity to reach out to 15000 -20000 people over a two day period.

  • Ananda Mela is the biggest two days cultural festival of India in the Northwest.
  • Ananda Mela will attract between 15,000 to 20,000 visitors during the two days.
  • Visitors will see your message in a culturally rich and relevant environment.
  • Artists from India performing songs and dances.
  • Yoga, astrology, arts, and crafts.
  • Cooking demos for the cuisine of India and stalls of the exotic cuisine of India.
  • Educational games, magicians, fun rides for kids,
  • Informative Exhibits of India’s heritage.The following update provides insight into:

Festival Magazine Advertisement

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  • Half Page black and white Advt : $250 (5½x4¼” size)
  • Quarter Page black & white Advt : $150 (2¾x4¼” size)
  • Middle 2 page black and white Advt : $1500
  • Back Page color Advt : $2000
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