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Stage performance requirements:

  • Register
  • Review
  • Approve

After your Register, we will review your request. If Approved, you will receive notification in email for payment.

Stage Performance Registration

There are two stages at Ananda Mela to encourage kids and adults to perform various cultural events. Please register based on group size.

1. Anandamela is a grand platform for promoting Indian arts and culture. We strongly encourage performances that reflect the same.
2. Classical, semi classical, folk and fusion performances that upheld the promotion of festival’s purpose are encouraged.
3. If you are a dance school and have multiple performers please email to performance@anandamela.org before you register.
4. Please provide link to your music on the form. Your participation is not confirmed till the music is approved. Classical music need not be uploaded.
5. Please note that registration fee for groups 2-5 performers is $100 and $150 for 6-10 performers and $50 for individual performances.
6. Performances are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.Time includes set up and exiting the stage.
7. Final schedule of the event will be posted on June 20th.
8. In case of cancellations you will not be repaid.
9. Finally please do not request for favored time slots 🙂
10. Send a mail to performance@anandamela.org if you still have questions.